All Southeast Cinema Entertainment theatres offer
Advance Savings Tickets and Gift Cards.


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Gift Cards

We sell Gift Cards which may be used at any Southeast Cinema Entertainment theatre.  You may purchase a Gift Card at any of our theatre Box Offices (or by phone to one of our theatres) (additional handling charges will apply if we mail your Gift Card)  and it will be honored at any of our locations.  Gift Cards are available in any amount in multiples of $5 and there is no maximum.  Our Gift Cards are the same as our Loyalty Cards, so the recipient of a Gift Card will automatically start earning points toward free tickets when they begin using the card.  Gift Cards may be used to purchase tickets or concessions only, they may not be used to purchase other Gift Cards, Advance Savings Tickets or toward any discounted ticket, theatre or party room rental.

Lost or stolen Gift Cards cannot be replaced unless the card number has been recorded.  Please refer to our Loyalty Card Program for information on card replacement procedures.

There is no cash back on any Gift Card transaction.

Gift Cards ONLINE!


Online Gift Cards sales will be returning soon!



Advance Savings Tickets

Advance Savings Tickets are available in blocks of 100 tickets.  We sell both regular and 3D Advance Savings Tickets.  Prices vary by location.  You only pay the theatres matinee price for the tickets, but you may use them at any scheduled performance.  Advance Savings Tickets are non-refundable, have no cash value and may only be used at the location where purchased.

Advance Savings Tickets make great gifts for businesses who want to reward their employees