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Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song


In anticipation of the final installment of the Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] trilogy, the first two feature films return to theaters in a special one-night double feature of Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] I. presage flower & II. lost butterfly. Return to Fuyuki City, as Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou's peaceful lives are torn apart by the Holy Grail War, an epic battle where Masters and Servants fight to claim the Holy Grail. Brought to life by Director Tomonori Sudo and featuring music by renowned composer Yuki Kajiura, both films are masterfully animated by the revered studio ufotable, weaving an emotional and tragic tale along with breathtaking Servant battles that should not be missed on the big screen!


Program, Animation
2 hr. 05 min.
Opened November 18th, 2020

Starring: Yu Asakawa
Mai Kadowaki
Joji Nakata
Tadahisa Saizen
Noriko Shitaya

Directed by: Tomonori Sudô



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