There are five elements which IMAX’s state-of-the-art technology
combines to deliver the World’s Most Immersive Movie Experience:


Revolutionary Projection Technology 

Crystal-Clear Images - Whether you’re experiencing a movie in IMAX® or IMAX® 3D, the visual clarity is unsurpassed

Laser-Aligned Digital Sound – A powerful state-of-the-art digital surround sound system features laser-aligned loudspeakers precisely tuned for each movie presentation.  You’ll experience fantastic sound quality regardless of where you are seated.

Immersive Theatre Geometry - IMAX theatre geometry is designed to maximize your field of view.  You’ll feel fully immersed – like you’re IN the movie!

IMAX® and IMAX® 3D Hollywood Movies

The IMAX Experience® – the world’s most immersive movie experience – has entertained and enlightened nearly one billion people worldwide. With breathtaking crystal clear images, IMAX’s customized theatre geometry that maximizes your field of view and powerful digital sound, IMAX® theatres put audiences IN the movie. Standing for the most immersive premium entertainment experience, the IMAX brand is a powerful draw to audiences worldwide.

Through IMAX’s digital re-mastering technology, known as IMAX DMR®, IMAX Corporation (IMAX) is revolutionizing the way moviegoers experience Hollywood blockbuster films. IMAX DMR (Digital Remastering) technology transforms Hollywood feature films into IMAX’s format so that audiences can experience the adventure, drama and emotion of their favorite blockbusters with the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience.

In IMAX 3-D the images jump off the screen into your lap

In IMAX theaters, a larger effective screen width is achieved by brining the screen closer to the audience. 

IMAX's system provides an immersive experience equal to 20% to 230% increased screen area.

Southeast Cinemas brand of large format premium auditorium available at Governor's Crossing 14 . All SXS houses are equipped with 46,000 watt stereo sound systems. Featuring Dolby Stereo with 16 channels with over surround  speakers as well as side and stage speakers. These auditoriums also feature 55-Foot Wide Screens.